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Historic Hampi 2 nts, 3 days Package tour

Historic Hampi 2 nts, 3 days Package tour

🌟 Uncover the Mystical Beauty of Hampi! 🌟 (escorted tour)

📣 Attention travelers and adventure seekers! Get ready for an unforgettable journey through time as we invite you to embark on our mesmerizing Hampi Tour Package! 🌄

🌿 Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient ruins, and rich heritage that await you in the mystical land of Hampi. Discover the remnants of a glorious empire that once stood tall, and let the echoes of history transport you to a bygone era.

🌅 Picture yourself strolling through the iconic Virupaksha Temple, basking in the golden hues of the setting sun as it casts a magical glow over the stone-carved wonders. Feel the energy of the Vijayanagara Empire pulsating through the ruins of the magnificent Hampi Bazaar, where you can indulge in a treasure trove of traditional crafts and vibrant local culture.

🏰 Our meticulously crafted 2 Nights, 3 Days Hampi Tour Package offers you a seamless and immersive experience. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, delectable local cuisine, and the expertise of our knowledgeable guides who will unveil the secrets and stories of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

🌟 But don't just take our word for it! Hear what our delighted customers have to say:

🌟 "Hampi, a journey to the past that I will cherish forever! Every step I took, every carving I admired, and every sunset I witnessed left me in awe. Thank you, Valerie Travels Goa, for making this dream trip a reality!" - Maya, ecstatic traveler.

🌟 "I was transported to a different world in Hampi. The sheer grandeur and beauty of the ruins left me speechless. Valerie Travels Goa ensured that every aspect of my trip was taken care of, from accommodation to transportation. Highly recommended!" - Rahul, enchanted explorer.

🌟 Don't miss out on this life-changing adventure! Book your spot now and join us on an extraordinary journey through time and history. 🌍✨

🔔 Tag your travel buddies and share this post to spread the word about this incredible opportunity. Let's make memories together in the mystical land of Hampi! 🌈✈️

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Days of Operation:

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Please note:-

1. After pandemic I have stopped booking flights as they don't refund any amount to travel agents if anyting goes wrong.
2. I do not accept cash payments.
3. All payments should be made 15 days before the package via bank transfer or Google pay or wise transfers.
4. For all my outside Goa tours i do not provide airport transfers from Goa hotels to Goa airport.
5. All trips once booked are non Cancelable and non refundable.

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