Mumbai 1 nt, 2 days package tour with slum & evening tea at Taj

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About the Mumbai tour package:

In this tour we will take you across Gateway of India, Chor bazaar· Victoria Terminal,  Hanging garden, Dhobi Ghat, High Court, Mani Bhavan. (*entry fee applicable), Prince of Wales Museum. (*entry fee applicable), Mumbai University, Marine Drive.  Evening Visit to the 5 Star Taj Heritage Property for a High Tea or Dinner .. (at your own cost) And next day Dharavi Slum Tour.. 

This tour can be done 1 night 2 days or 2 nights 3 days.

Elephanta caves or Bollywood tour is extra cost.

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Tour Includes:

  1. Bed and breakfast is included.
  2. Experienced personal tour guide will be with you.
  3. You will have a personal car to travel in with an experienced driver.
  4. A representative will be there to pick you up at Mumbai airport.

Hotels used for Mumbai Tours:

For all packages the hotels we use are only 3 star and 4 star and 5 star and you are also most welcome to book in the hotel of your choice that can be from 2 star or your budget hotels, (prior to booking the tour you have to provide the names of hotels to us)

Customize your tour:

You are also free to customize your tours,  change the itinerary or hotels choices or anything accordingly and let me know if any changes are required as we work to give you the best & If it's in our hand will try and do the best for you. You are also free to book your own flights for any of our tours.

bombay tour package

Interesting facts of Mumbai

Mumbai, the bustling City of Dreams, has endless sights for tourists to witness. From its breathtaking architecture, to its vibrant street culture, Mumbai is truly a gem of a city. Here, in this great citadel of culture and opportunity, interesting facts abound and make Mumbai Tour an enthralling experience.

Mumbai is home to some of the oldest and most iconic structures in India. Its main gate, the Gateway of India, is a place of immense historical significance in the country, being a symbol of the British Raj and a reminder of colonial rule. The air of regal colonial architecture pervades many parts of the city, such as the Rajabhai Tower, Parliament House, and Raj Bhavan. However, there is more to Mumbai than its past.

For budget-friendly tourists, the city offers its bustling streets of bazaars selling virtually anything one might need, making it a great base for shopping tours in India. While the city's Art Deco Maharashtra State Headquarters and Marine Drive are popular attractions, lesser-known gems like the ancient Banganga Tank and the iconic Hanging Gardens of Malabar Hill provide tourists with even more entertaining sites. Meanwhile, the 26-mile long Elephanta Caves, an archaeological site, consists of ancient Hindu and Buddhist carvings and statues, presenting visitors with an interesting story-telling.

mumbai package tours with evening tea at Taj

Speaking of tales, undoubtedly the most interesting part of Mumbai Tour is the guided tours of its Slumdog Millionaire fame. Slumming is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, as it provides a unique opportunity to experience a very different side of the city. Exploring the slums of Dharavi, Asia’s largest, gives an insight into the bustling lives of Mumbai’s citizens and their hustle for survival.

Food is an important aspect of many tourist experiences, and the city of Mumbai is the proud possessor of many tantalizing gastronomical delights. Whether it is a roof-top dinner of Masala Dosa at Café Mangi or the lip-smacking Vada Pav with a cup of Chai at the street stalls, Mumbai offers an array of dishes to sample.

Mumbai truly is a mesmerizing experience for tourists, and its many attractions, historical monuments, and delicious food make Mumbai Tour an experience to remember. From its awe-inspiring architecture, to its vibrant culture and rich culinary palette, Mumbai provides visitors with a real glimpse of city life that cannot be found elsewhere.

mumbai slum tour
Please note:-

1. After pandemic I have stopped booking flights as they don't refund any amount to travel agents if anyting goes wrong.
2. I do not accept cash payments.
3. All payments should be made 15 days before the package via bank transfer or Google pay or wise transfers.
4. For all my outside Goa tours i do not provide airport transfers from Goa hotels to Goa airport.
5. All trips once booked are non Cancelable and non refundable.

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