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Swapnagandha Nature Resort

Swapnagandha Nature Resort

About Swapnagandha Resort

Swapnagandha Resort - an annexe of the Wildernest Nature Resort is a beautiful eco-tel located at the Chorla Ghats, in North Goa. The Swapnagandha Resort is named that way, because from this resort you get the entire panaromic view of the Swapnagandha Valley. The Swapnagandha Resort was developed with 8 wooden cottages with a perfect view of the valley and the Vazra Waterfalls. 

Recently, the Swapnagandha added new eco cottages with beautiful modern designs which also offer a gorgeous view of the valley and the falls. They also have added a infinity pool which is a replica of the original swimming pool at the Wildernest Nature Resort. The Swapnagandha Resort is equipped with its own restaurant, a small bar counter and has its own meeting space for small groups and gatherings.

Situated in the remote village Chorla Ghat on the Goa- Karnataka border, Swapnagandha Resort is a lavish 3-star facility that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of the majestic Western Ghats. While getting here can be a bit of a rugged journey, it is more than worth it for the unique sights, smells and experiences contained within the resort’s walls.

The moment guests enter the premises, their senses are immediately charmed by the breathtaking sight of the misty hills and lush green canopy that stretches as far as the eye can see. The resort also provides access to a number of outdoor activities like trekking, wildlife safaris and bird watching.

About the Nature Resort in Goa:

Wildernest resort Goa is located on the Goa-Karnataka border, amidst picturesque settings and serene surroundings at a height of 800 mts above sea level and overlooking the Vazra valley, and a panoramic view of the entire Goa.

With 18 specially designed eco-huts that put you in close proximity with nature and its wonders and yet offer comfort and hospitality of the highest eco-tel standards. Wildernest is all about experiencing nature in its vividity and vitality.

Waking up to the sounds of silence,crystal clear bird songs, and vibrant vocals in the background every morning to sharing a sunset with natures mystic wonders. Wildernest is for those who want to experience peace, tranquility and comfort in nature's realm.

Being in the realm of western ghats forests, our trained nature guides invite you to join them on nature treks, community fairs, birdwatching trips, folk performances and a host of other activities.

However the region is known for being home to a variety of plants with medicinal value. Wildernest is also a delight for birding as there are varieties of birds spotted there along with innumerable varieties of Moths, Butterflies, Spiders and other insects.

Facilities offered at the resort:

  • Infinity Swimming Pool

  • Bar

  • Restaurant serving Coastal Cuisine (A mix of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goan Cuisine from neighboring villages).

This trip includes:

  1. Time honored welcome drink.

  2. Transfer from your hotel and back *(at additional cost)

  3. Accommodation in eco cottages ( Non AC Rooms )

  4. All Meals (Local Goan Cuisine Both Veg & Non-Veg)

  5. Buffet Breakfast

  6. Buffet Lunch

  7. Buffet Dinner

  8. Evening tea & snacks

Activities included:

  1. Trekking to the Highest/Sunset Point.

  2. Traditional Folk dance & music by local villagers / Bonfire

  3. Trekking to the waterfalls

  4. Traditional Folk dance & music

  5. Heena & Mehandi session for Ladies

  6. Forest Walk

  7. Bird Watching Trail (Early morning activity)

  8. Slide-show on Wildlife and Bio-Diversity
    ( Min. 02 Night stay recommended to enjoy the above activities)

Things you need to carry:

  1. You passport

  2. Mosquito Repellent

  3. Swimwear

  4. Torch

  5. Good pair of trekking shoes

Wildernest nature resort vs Swapnagandha nature resort

When comparing Wildernest Nature Resort versus Swapnagandha Nature Resort in Goa India, there are several criteria to consider before making a decision. The two resorts are both filled with beautiful natural scenery and plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained. Both resorts offer serene views of mountain ranges, forests, and beaches.

When it comes to accommodations, both resorts offer an abundance of luxurious and comfortable options, including private villas, cottages, and large family rooms.  However, Wildernest Nature Resort has the edge in this regard due to its larger selection of accommodations as well as its exclusive suites, which offer access to a private terrace or balcony with breathtaking views of the mountains or sea.

When it comes to amenities and activities, Wildernest Nature Resort takes the cake. The resort offers a range of activities such as hiking and mountain biking, kayaking, trekking, fishing, and even paragliding. There is also an array of activities available for children, such as kiddie pools and an adventure park. Swapnagandha Nature Resort, on the other hand, focuses more on relaxation and wellness activities such as yoga, spa treatments, and meditation.

In terms of dining, both resorts have excellent restaurants serving a variety of delicious cuisine to guests. However, Wildernest Nature Resort stands out with its wide range of international cuisines. The resort also has an impressive selection of beers, wines, and cocktails that are available throughout the day. Swapnagandha Nature Resort, on the other hand, has a limited selection of Indian cuisine.

When it comes to price, Wildernest Nature Resort is slightly more expensive than Swapnagandha Nature Resort, but both offer reasonable prices for a luxurious experience. In terms of overall value for the money, Wildernest Nature Resort stands out due to its extensive list of activities and amenities.

In conclusion, when compared side-by-side both Wildernest Nature Resort and Swapnagandha Nature Resort offer guests a luxurious and enjoyable experience. Wildernest Nature Resort offers a wider range of activities and amenities as well as excellent food and beverage options. However, both resorts provide a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere and a range of comfortable accommodations to suit every budget.

Reviews of Wildernest Nature Resort/ Swapnagandha Resort:

  • Spent an amazing night at The Wildernest arranged for me by Valerie Rodrigues. I would highly recommend the Wildernest trip & Valerie's services - ‎Colleen Stout

  • A big thankyou Valerie Rodrigues for organising our trip to the wildernest,, it was fantastic. Amazing views. Well recommended. - Debbie Carter

  • Such beautiful surroundings. We did the wilderness trip today and it was amazing. We booked it through Valerie Rodrigues and if I ever get to do it again I would book for 2 nights as loved it - Kazza Halliwell


Some Frequently asked questions about Wildernest Nature resort stay:

Q: What is the price to stay in the cottages in wildernest?
A: The price is different during different months and it is also dependent of the type of cottage chosen.

Q: Can a big family stay together in Wildernest Goa?
A: Yes, there is an availability of family cottages and you can also have an extra person at an additional cost.

Q: Does tariff include all the activities like Pottery, Bird watching, Heena & Mehandi session for Ladies, Trekking, etc.?
A: Yes, it does, however to enjoy all the activities it is recommended to stay for 2 nights as all the activities may not be possible in 1night.

Q: How is the food at Wildernest Resort?
A: The food served is local Goan cuisine cooked in traditional chullha.

Q: When is Wildernest Goa bookings open?
A: Wildernest is open throughout the year, to book a cottage at Swapnagandha Resort or Wilderness resort goa just contact me with your details and I will get it confirmed for you.

Please note:

  1. Once booked cannot be cancelled, non refundable & non cancelable

  2. Once booked date cannot be changed

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