GOA/Mumbai, Vada Pav is Famous

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For Potatoes Sabji.

6-8 Garlic cloves
4-5 Green Chillies
3-4 Potatoes, Boiled, Mashed
¼ Cup Oil
1 tbsp Mustard Seeds
¼ Tsp Asafoetida
2 Sprig Curry Leaves
½ Tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt To Taste
2 Tbsp Coriander Leaves, Chopped

For Batter
1 Cup Gram Flour
½ Tsp Turmeric Powder
¼ Tsp Red Chilli Powder
Salt To Taste

For Vada Pav Chutney
2 Tbsp Oil
½ Cup Peanut
4-5 Garlic cloves
½ Cup Fried Besan Batter crumbs( optional )
2 Tbsp Red Chilli Powder
Salt To Taste
Oil For Frying

Directions how to cook

1. Heat a pan, add oil, mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, garlic green chilli crushed, turmeric powder, potatoes and mix well.
2. Now add salt, coriander leaves and mix it well. Keep it aside to cool.

For batter
3. In a mixing bowl, add gram flour, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt to taste and required water as per the consistency and mix well.

For vada pav
4. Heat oil and green chilli , garlic cloves and fry them well.
5. Heat a pan, add oil, peanut, garlic cloves, fried besan batter crumbs, red chilli powder, salt to taste mix well and transfer it to a grinder and coarsely grind it.
6.Now make a medium size ball of potato mixture and deep into the besan batter and fry them till golden brown.
7. Serve with fried chilli and peanut chutney.

Enjoy !!

- By Val's Quick tips & Tricks