Home made Goan Sausages/chorizo masala from scratch

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Half Kg Boneless Pork meat(Belly Pork)
( one can use more meat like 1 kg or 2 Kg. See that you double the ingredients accordingly

3 ½ tablespoon approx. But its depends on your taste so salt to taste.

Masala to Grind:
30 Kashmiri chilies
20 garlic flakes
10 inch ginger
1 tbsp  teaspoon cumin
1 tbsp turmeric
10 cloves
5 cinnamon stick
20 Peppercorns
Goan vinegar or White Vinegar as per required to grind the masala

Other Ingredients if required:
Sausage Casing or A clean sterilized  bottle or container to store this.
Or my style Cling fling wrapper

If using Casing than you will be needing Casing pump or machine
If not than Plain Funnel plastic with big Hole

Directions how to cook

Wash, clean and cut the meat into slices thick or in cubes with skin or without skin
Choice is yours

Apply salt to the meat pieces.
Day 1 : let the  the excess water goes out of the meat. So let it be transfered in the vessele with holes or a maslin cloth. Keep weight on it and keep it for 5 hours to Max 8 hours or overnight too.
Place this in the refrigerator

Day 2 remove the meat from the refrigerator

Now for the Maslaa
Grind the ingredients mentioned wih Vinegar only. dont use any water or your cheris or choriz or sausagaes whatever we call will get spoil

The masala has to be like a  paste (pls don't add water if you want to preserve for long)
Now with a spoon  or your hands mix the meat with the Choris masala .
let it marinade for 2 days either in the refrigerator or outside if your area is cool.
This can further be filled into sausage casing to form sausages / Goan Chorizo

If you are living in Goa or India or any part of world and blessed with Sunshine than pls dry it under the Sun for 3 days.

Or  Just store it in sterilized  glass bottle and keep it in your fridge.
if one will use it within  8 days

or good plastic bottle  or plastic bag And store it in refrigerator.
If using for home use than no casing is needed.

kindly note casing one can purchase at beef shops that butchers or any meat shops or online purchase too available.

I am using Cling fling wrapper and will sun dry it for 3 days.
Also I will give some charcoal smoke to give the smoky flavour.

use it as and how you want to.
Ready to use for making your variety and various Dishes out of this.

please check all my recipes on my yourtube channels as how i have used this Goan sausages in differenet ways.