Home made Goan Sausages/chorizo masala from scratch

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Half Kg Boneless Pork meat(Belly Pork)
( one can use more meat like 1 kg or 2 Kg. See that you double the ingredients accordingly

3 ½ tablespoon approx. But its depends on your taste so salt to taste.

Masala to Grind:
30 Kashmiri chilies
20 garlic flakes
10 inch ginger
1 tbsp  teaspoon cumin
1 tbsp turmeric
10 cloves
5 cinnamon stick
20 Peppercorns
Goan vinegar or White Vinegar as per required to grind the masala

Other Ingredients if required:
Sausage Casing or A clean sterilized  bottle or container to store this.
Or my style Cling fling wrapper

If using Casing than you will be needing Casing pump or machine
If not than Plain Funnel plastic with big Hole

Directions how to cook